Corporate Sponsorship

Essex Bees Managed Hive

Have you ever felt that your company could or should be doing more for the local community or environment?


Ever considered supporting our vision of increasing the bee population throughout Essex?


If you’re reading this, then it’s probable that the answer is yes!


We don’t have a rigid structure to corporate sponsorship as the options are manifest. If you’re willing to help us then we’re willing to help you.

It also gives a very different slant on your typical P.R. story…


A few possible suggestions include:


  • - Siting one or more of our hives at your workplace

  • - Adopting hives for staff and/or customers as Christmas gifts

  • - Donating towards our expansion programme

  • - Seeking advice on re-landscaping your grounds to make it more bee friendly

  • - Sponsoring an educational programme

  • - Branding our hives with your logo (bees are too small!)

  • - Original thoughts of your own


If you wish to discuss matters further then please just get in touch.


There will be no hard sell from us. We’ve been there, done that, got the beesuit and are now so laid back we’re almost horizontal!