Essex Bees Managed Hive

If you would like to help us in our aims to promote the honey bee and support local produce, then you may wish to make a small donation.

To give you an idea of some of the costs of beekeeping, and what your donation will be put towards, we’ve compiled a small list of some standard items (we make our own where we can to reduce costs).


All those who donate also get a special mention on our Sponsors page.

Typical Beekeeper Consumables

Hive tool  £10.00
Smoker Fuel £15.00
Varroa treatment (enough for 5 hives) £26.00
Assembled frames (price per 10, 10 per brood box) £38.00
Smoker  £40.00
New queen bee £45.00
Beesuit  £130.00
Nucleus of bees  £150.00
Complete assembled National Hive £250.00



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