Sep 3rd, 2014
Don't sit down!

This evening we're taking a break from spinning out honey and Dan is doing his nerdy thing by programming away for the new version of our website.

As part of this process he's making the blog writing aspect of our "admin panel" a lot easier to use, because, to be honest, I'm a bit old school and still prefer my trusted filofax to anything QWERTY related.

He's assured me that adding photos to my wonderfully scripted articles is now a breeze and in an attempt to prove him wrong (and let's be honest, as I'm his older brother it is my duty to do so), I'm adding this little article and thought I'd share with you a photograph of one of the swarms that we collected earlier in the season.

This particular swarm came from one of our hives on Canvey (yes, it was our mistake and we should have prevented this from happening) and is now safely residing at one of our other apiaries in Shoebury.