Essex Bees
Sep 15th, 2014
2014 Honey Harvest Is Ready

‘About time!’ I hear you cry.

Remember gentle reader that patience is the first lesson of beekeeping…

Part of the reason why it takes us a while to harvest and bottle the honey is that we produce ‘micro-batches’, to coin an American phrase. Honey is bottled by the apiary. Therefore each jar comes from a very specific location with it’s own local attributes dictated by the local flora. This affects colour and taste – a bit like single malts or wine varieties.

Some hives this year have been productive, some not so much. That means that every jar of honey is a limited edition and once it’s gone, it’s gone. Even next year’s honey from the same apiary will not taste or look the same. Not for everyone, but how we like it.

Most honey you can buy is a blend from different apiaries, mixed together and then bottled. Nothing wrong with that, but not the way we currently do it.

Also our honey is known as ‘cold-filtered’. This means that it is uncapped, spun out, lightly filtered to remove bee parts/grit/stuff and then bottled. It is not heated and contains all the unadulterated pollen and nutrients that the bees decided was a good idea to keep.

It’s as close to ‘natural’ as you’re going to get in a jar.

It will however crystalise/granulate. I won’t bore you with why but it will happen. To make it runny again, if that is what you want, stand the jar in some warm water and it will soften.


Below are the apiaries that we have harvested, bottled, labeled and are ready for sale. I’ve listed them by broad area and noted if we have more than one apiary in that area, without going into specifics (you can see our apiaries on our interactive Hive Map)




Chalkwell (2 locations)





Leigh-on-Sea (4 locations)

Prittlewell (3 locations)

Ramsden Heath


Thorpe Bay (4 locations)

Wakes Colne


These apiaries are ‘work-in-progress’ and we will let you know when they are ready:









How To Order

Please send an e-mail to, listing your preferred honey and how many jars you would like. Also your address and a contact telephone number.

The jars are £5.00 each and weigh a minimum 1lb/454g.

As most of our customers are local we try to deliver when we are doing our rounds to negate any postal costs. If they need to be posted we will let you know the postage costs, but due to the weight this is not cheap.

Payment is normally collected on delivery although we can send you bank or Paypal details if you prefer.

It is first come, first served and if we cannot supply a specific honey we will contact you to let you know.


Other Outlets

In the very near future you will also be able to buy the honey from the stores below, prices may vary;


Growing Together, 47 Fairfax Drive, Westcliff-on-Sea.

Broadway Fruits, 194 The Broadway, Thorpe Bay.