Essex Bees
May 23rd, 2016
Bees Are Clever. Fact.

Bees have more brains than some of us give them credit for.


Various recent studies have shown that bees, like humans, are controlled by their own desires.


In humans, consciousness comes from a structure called the mid-brain. This brings together external experiences from our senses, with inner experiences.


Insects have very different brains but with a similar structure.


Scientists from Macquarie University in Sydney say flying and gathering pollen is so complex it requires consciousness to deal with it. They are quoted as saying that 'The systems that underlie these abilities were shaped by evolutionary pressures similar to those that shaped the mammalian mid-brain'.


A separate study in the Journal of Insect Behaviour shows how bumblebees use their buzzing to vibrate flowers to extract pollen - and learn to improve their technique.


Over time, the study goes on to say, the bees focus their efforts and tune down the vibrations, removing as much pollen as they need while using the minimum amount of energy.


Yet more proof that bees aren't stupid.