Honey & Orange Liqueur
Quick and easy to make, goes down a treat.

One of the many pleasures of beekeeping is having an 'excess' of honey at the end of the season. This drink makes for a warming concoction in the winter months when the bees are dormant. Personally I drink it straight although I imagine it's good over ice or made into a long drink with lemonade. For some reason I always find this a Christmassy drink.


500ml vodka (I'm sure brandy would work well too)
3/4 lb honey
1/2 the peel of an orange
240ml water, warm but not boiling
1 clove
2 cinnamon sticks, (about 5cm each)

Method: How to make Honey and Orange Liqueur

1. Wash the skin of the orange to remove any deposits (don't scrub too hard). Peel the orange rind in one long spiral if possible - it looks better! Don't have too much pith attached.

2. Dissolve the honey in the water and add to the vodka, orange and spices in a suitable glass container ( I use a Kilner jar).

3. Seal, shake and let it stand. Give it another shake every few days. Leave for 2 or 3 weeks.

4. Strain through muslin/old tights/tea towel/coffee filter/mum's old drawers into bottles. If you wish, add a piece of orange peel for decorative purposes. Personally I make this to drink rather than look at so don't bother.

Don't think you need more than one clove - unless you are looking for a more medicinal taste.