Raspberry & Honey Brandy
Honeybees love raspberry flowers. I love this well-matured drink.

This is one of autumn's finest harvest combos. The best raspberries and honey are normally collected at the beginning of September and if you're lucky enough to have a glut then seriously consider this little number. It makes about a pint of warming liquid sunshine.


375g of rinsed ripe raspberries
500ml brandy
130g honey
1 tbs freshly squeezed and strained lemon juice

Method: How to make Raspberry and Honey Brandy

1. Crush 300g of rinsed ripe raspberries (try saying that quickly after a drink or two) with a fork/potato masher/sledge hammer. Place in a suitable glass jar (I use Kilners). Add the uncrushed rinsed ripe raspberries and then add the brandy. You could crush all the raspberries (or none at all) if you want to change the raspberry-ness of the taste. This works for me.

2. Shake and then put in a dark place for 2 months, shaking when you remember.

3. Strain the liquid through a muslin type cloth into another jar. This process can be lengthy as the gloop is quite thick. Don't squeeze or the bits get through and makes it go cloudy. You can repeat this straining a couple of times if you wish but I'm normally content with just the once.

4. In a saucepan combine the honey andl emon juice and bring to the boil over a meduium high heat. Simmer gently for a further 5 minutes or so. I give it a stir every now and then in case of burning.

5. Let the honey/lemon mixture cool slightly then pour the raspberry brandy in and stir (always use a wooden or plastic spoon, not a metal one).

6. Pour into suitable bottles and let mature for another month or so. I always keep mine in dark bottles or in a dark cupboard.

Enjoy and remind yourself that next year you will make extra!