Bienenstich - Bee Sting Cake
Bienenstich or "Bee sting cake" is a German dessert made of a sweet bread with a baked-on topping of honeyed almonds and filled with a vanilla custard

The cake may have earned its name from its honey topping: according to one legend, a bee was attracted to it, and the baker who invented the cake ended up being stung!

Another source cites a legend of Bavarian bakers from the 1400s who lobbed beehives at raiders from a neighboring village, successfully repelling them, and celebrated later by baking a version of this cake named after their efforts.


For the Dough

500 g plain flour
1 tsp yeast
125 g butter or margarine
1 egg
pint milk
15 g honey

For the Topping

125 g unsalted butter
2 drops vanilla essence
150 g flaked almonds
125 g honey
15 ml milk


For the Dough

In a large mixing bowl rub the butter into the flour.
Add yeast.
Warm the milk to about 50C and mix honey with it, then add to the mixture.
Lightly beat the egg and add that too.
Now beat thoroughly until the mixture leaves the sides of the bowl.
Cover the bowl with cling film and leave until risen (1 -2 hours).
When risen knead the mixture again.
Form the dough into a flat shape and place in a large flat baking tin.
Leave in a warm place to rise again, (about 30 min).

For the Topping

Whilst the dough is rising, boil the butter and honey together in a small saucepan.
Add the vanilla essence and milk and stir well.
Cool the mixture to about the same temperature as the dough and spread it gently over the risen dough.

Bake at Mark 7 / 220C / 425F for 16-20 mins.
Turn off the heat and leave for another 3-5 mins before taking from the oven.