Garlic Honey
'You what, you must be joking?' said the wife. However the proof is in the taste and now the whole family are converted!

Here's how you do it

About 30 cloves of garlic, peeled and roughly chopped
1.5 lbs runny honey

Place the garlic in a suitably sized glass jar, we use Kilner jars as it's effectively a preserve.

Add the honey leaving about a 1 inch gap between the honey and the rim.

Cover and place in a warm place for at least a week, turning/mixing it occasionally.

Gradually the garlic will dissolve in the honey converting it to a garlic syrup.

It has a variety of uses, used 'neat' as a glaze for meat, drizzled over food or the basis for a marinade or salad dressing. I like using it in sandwiches and it adds interest to both sweet and savoury contents. Garlic honey and peanut butter sandwiches are an acquired taste, but then so is Marmite.

I keep it in the fridge when it's opened which stiffens it a bit, but I worry that bacteria might develop otherwise.